(Apex Organization of the Odisha Co-Operative Movements)
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Odisha State Co-Operative Union

State Cooperative Union, Odisha established by Govt. of Odisha as per Section 11 (i) of Act VI of 1935 (Bihar and Orissa) Cooperative Societies Act and came into existence on 9th July 1948. Subsequently Act VI of 1935 (Bihar and Orissa) convert to Odisha Cooperative Societies Act 1962 and now its working under this Act. Odisha State Cooperative Union presently focuses on providing Cooperative Education, Training and publicity work for assisting cooperative organizations in its growth and to carry out cooperative propaganda.

The Odisha State Co-operative Union was established in the year 1948 as a State Level Apex Co-operative Society. The objective of the Union as set forth in its bye-laws is to promote the co-operative movement in the State. For facilitating discharge of this enormous responsibility which has been recognized statutorily with a provision in the Cooperative Societies Act of the State, it has been made obligatory on the part of each and every cooperative society of the State to pay 4% of its net profits each year towards the Cooperative Education Fund constituted for the purpose. For constitution and administration of this Fund, a provision has already been made in the Odisha Co-operative Societies Rules, 1965 framed under the Odisha Co-operative Societies Act, 1962. However after implementation of the revival package for STCCS (PACS, LAMPCS, DCCBs & OSCB), payment of Cooperative Education fees has been made no complution as per amendment of relevant provisions of OCS Act & Rule.


To Promote a Strong and Vibrant Cooperative Movement in the State for Eco-friendly, equitable & Socio-Economic development of Rural People. The responsibility of Cooperative Education, Training, Publicity, propaganda and providing information and guidance.


We build Cooperation of Members Socio-economic upliftment through Education, Training and Information.


An Apex Organization and spokesman of the Cooperative movement in the State act as a friend, a promoter and a guide in cooperative movement by facilitating the promoting of the cooperative institution and strengthen the member societies through educational and training avenues. To function as a focusing centre on non-official opening on various subjects pertaining to the movement. Propagates cooperative message through journals, magazine, booklets, pamplets, folders and charts.

Our Slogan: “Each for all and all for each”

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