(Apex Organization of the Odisha Co-Operative Movements)
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Name                                                    Designation                             Mobile No.

Sj. Hemanta Nayak                              President                                  9437025616


Smt. Sandhyarani Lakra                      Vice-President                          9556873927

Smt. Anju Toppo                                  Director                                     9178943293

Smt. Sarojini Chakra                            Director                                     9090025865

Sj. Subramanyam Mohanty                 Director                                     9439379039

Smt. Susama Das                                Director                                     9861947099

Sj. Manas Jena                                    Director                                     7978034696

Smt. Gitarani Nayak                            Director                                     9937335728

Sj. Dinabandhu Sethy                          Director                                     9938205795

Sj. Rabindranath Rout                          Director                                     9437317835


Sj. Bijan Kumar Sahoo                         Director                                     9437364965

Pratap Chandra Maharana                  Director                                     9437004655

Sj. Chitrasen Nishanka                         Director                                     9438734638

Sj. Sanatan Sangram Singh                 Director                                     9178311889

Sj. Kartikeswar Parida                          Director                                     9439518222

Sj. Gobardhan Sahoo                           Director                                     9437605232

Sj. Ashok Kumar Prusty                       Director                                     9937821194

Sj. Pritam Meher                                  Director                                     9937701755

Sj. Prafulla Kumar Naik                       Director                                     9937121013

Sj. Chittaranjan Naik                            Director                                     9937838567

Smt. Sabita Acharya                            Director                                     9437550246

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